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Propr Bundle - 20% Off

Propr Bundle - 20% Off

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Propr Brush (Color)

Save 20% off when you order the Propr Bundle - Normally $26.85

The Propr Brush is clinically proven to prevent and restore receding gums while effectively removing plaque, while doing no harm to your gums. Made from 100% FDA-approved materials, with contoured grips that fit comfortably in your hand, and soft rubber scrubbers that gently clean your teeth. Latex Free and proudly made in the USA. Available in four stylish color combinations.

Propr Paste is an essential part of the Propr daily regimen. Our whitening formula is made from all-natural ingredients, safely removing years of stains, and giving you a healthy, whiter smile. Propr Paste is created with a vegan-friendly formula that's cruelty free, enamel safe and sensitivity free, in a refreshing tropical flavor of Coconut Sea Salt.

Propr Picks are made from high-quality materials and are perfect for removing stubborn plaque and food particles from hard-to-reach areas between teeth and gums. They're also great for on-the-go oral hygiene.

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