Time to stop a lifetime of damage.

The ugly truth: Nylon bristles wear away enamel and damage gums, no matter how soft they are. Traditional nylon bristle toothbrushes are shredding your gums and wearing away at your tooth enamel. Toothbrush makers have known this for years, which is why they keep making bristles softer and softer.

Think about it. Would you clean your expensive eyeglasses with a household scrub brush? How about scrubbing your car with one? Of course not. They’d be ruined. Sadly, you’re doing the same thing to your mouth, two to three times a day. Every day.

Soaps, shampoos and cleaners have all gotten gentler. Shouldn’t your brush?

Innovative Design

The Propr brush replaces the nylon bristles on traditional toothbrushes with super soft scrubbers that gently clean the teeth and the gums. Bristles scratch and tear fragile periodontal tissue, causing bleeding and damage. Propr stimulates periodontal tissue while cleaning your teeth, safely and effectively.

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